A documentary series about the Los Angeles Lakers star is in the works?!

LeBron James (pic: Twitter)

In the near future, fans of LeBron James can expect a real treat, as a documentary series about the legendary basketball player and star of the Los Angeles Lakers is said to be in the works. Here’s what we know about the project.

Andy Thompson is reportedly involved in the series, who was on the production team of the hit documentary “The Last Dance”, which chronicled the career of basketball legend Michael Jordan.

According to Lakers radio announcer John Ireland, Thompson has been spending a lot of time with the Lakers this season and may be gathering footage for James for a potential project. Thompson is the younger brother of Lakers commentator Mychal Thompson. While James is not expected to retire anytime soon, Thompson may be preparing for the future and researching a documentary about James’ career, as he did with Jordan. For fans of James, it would be an opportunity to relive some of his greatest moments and see the behind-the-scenes aspects of his life.

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