A fan shouted Hitler’s words to Zverev. The German tennis player stopped the US Open match

Alexander Zverev and the referee expelling a fan from the stands for using Hitler's words towards Zverev (talksport)

In the quarterfinals of the US Open against Jannik Sinner, Alexander Zverev heard something from the audience that he couldn’t ignore. In the fourth set, someone from the stands shouted: “Deutschland uber alles”, which means “Germany above all!”. Zverev stopped the match.

Jannik Sinner’s duel with Alexander Zverev was full of emotions. The audience was so involved in the events on the court that the referee repeatedly asked for calm down and silence in the stands. Although a lot has already been seen in Zverev’s matches, probably no one expected what happened in the fourth set of the meeting.

Zverev stopped the match and informed the head referee of what he had heard.

-He just said the most famous Hitler phrase there is in the world. It’s not unacceptable. This is unbelievable – said Zverev.

The referee immediately addressed the audience.

-Who was this smart guy who said that? Put your hand up! Who said that? Who said that? Who said that? – the referee asked the crowd.

The referee identified the supporter and told Zverev that the man would be escorted out.

-We’re going to get him out. We’ll get him out – the referee told Zverev.

So it happened. Security kicked him out of the Arthur Ashe Center. The rest of the crowd booed the person.

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