A little girl asked Iga Swiatek a question. Great answer from Swiatek

Swiatek in Paris (Roland Garros)

Iga Swiatek and the Oshee brand have jointly created a new drink for athletes. During a conference presenting the product, a little girl asked a Polish tennis player an interesting question. Great answer from Swiatek.

Oshee Vitamin Water Coconut Water + Fruit is a new series of Oshee drinks. Oshee Vitamin Water products with coconut water were created in cooperation between Oshee and the leader of the women’s tennis world ranking Iga Swiatek and her coaching staff: Tomasz Wiktorowski, Daria Abramowicz and Maciej Ryszczuk. Oshee Vitamin Water Coconut Water + Fruits has been prepared to meet the needs of professional athletes as well as amateurs of physical activity and consumers looking for well-hydrated drinks. Oshee Vitamin Water Coconut Water + Fruits contains 15 kcal in 100 ml of drink.

The new Oshee product signed with the name and image of Iga Swiatek was presented to the world during a press conference in June. During this event, Swiatek could be asked various questions. A little girl dared to ask one of them. She asked Swiatek what to do to win more. This question surprised Iga Swiatek. After a while, the Polish woman replied: – Oh my god, I would also like to know. – said Swiatek. But then she gave a serious answer to the girl, saying that the most important thing is to focus on your technique and improving your skills, instead of thinking about winning.

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