A movie will be made about two NFL stars who tragically died at sea


Not Without Hope will tell the story of Schuyler and his boat’s accident at sea in 2009 that killed two NFL stars, Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith. Schuyler is the only survivor after being found strapped to the boat’s engine mounts.

“Not Without Hope” is a new proposal in the genre of sports films. A real treat for NFL fans. A story based on the tragic events that happened in 2009.

The upcoming film “Not Without Hope” starring Miles Teller is a film directed by Rupert Wainwright and based on the book of the same name written by Nick Schuyler. Both the book and the movie tell a true story. An incident of an accident at sea involving Schuyler himself and two of his colleagues, Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith. Schuyler is the sole survivor of the crash. The film is slated to hit theaters in late 2024.

What happened at sea then? A storm was moving towards the boat. A trapped anchor and a mistake in trying to free it caused the boat to capsize, throwing all three men overboard into the icy water. The men were sought by air rescue and the US Coast Guard. Smith and Cooper died of hyperthermia because the water was ice cold. Miraculously, however, Schuyler did not succumb to hyperthermia, despite being in the water for 46 hours. The film will tell about the heroic fight and the help that men gave each other so that at least one of them would survive.

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