A vegetarian group calls on the Macon Bacon team to change the name. The team reacts

Macon Bacon (CNN)

Unusual news from the world of baseball. A vegetarian group calls on the Macon Bacon baseball team to change the name. The group believes that the club’s current name glorifies meat. There is a response from the owner of Macon Bacon.

The problematic word in the name Macon Baco is “Bacon” for the vegetarian group. The group believes that by using this term in its name, the club glorifies meat.

A group of doctors, including a vegetarian group, who promote plant-based diets and animal rights, are causing a stir in connection with the Macon Bacon baseball team. They even wrote a letter urging the Georgia baseball team to change the name. They also sponsored a billboard urging Macon Bacon fans to avoid eating bacon. Anna Herby, director of the group’s nutritional education program, wrote a message to the team’s owner expressing concern over the promotion of bacon, which is a processed meat linked to an increased risk of colon cancer and other diseases. Herby believes that using bacon in the name sends the wrong message to the team’s fans. She proposed changing the band’s name to Macon Facon Bacon, which refers to a plant-based alternative to bacon.

Macon Bacon entered the Coastal Plains League in 2018 and its name was chosen by fans through voting. The band’s mascot, Kevin, was favored over actor Kevin Bacon, who once wore a Macon Bacon hat in an Instagram post. It’s not just a name, however, because the stadium’s menu includes items such as bacon steaks and bacon fries. This has caught the attention of the Washington, D.C.-based Physicians Committee, which promotes plant-based diets and advocates scientific research that avoids animal testing.

In response, team president Brandon Raphael stated that the Macon Bacon name and brand were adopted by fans due to its fun and light-hearted nature. He also mentioned that stadium concessions already offer a plant-based option. The team will not change its name.

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