All hope for Juventus in Cristiano Ronaldo

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Today’s evening Juventus will face Atletico Madrid in Champions League. The team will have a difficult challenge of scoring at least two goals, losing none, to extend their hope to advance to quarterfinals in an extra time. Only three goals will ensure direct advancement for Italians. ‘Bianconeri’ have his ace though, Cristiano Ronaldo, for whom Madrid team is one of favourite rivals.

Portuguese in Juventus is in the top of league goalscorers again, for what the public got used to watching him. He has already scored 19 goals and added 8 assists. He has been especially effective in Champions League, but this time he netted only once and provided two last passes. Statistics like these contrast with the record he achieved in 2013/14 season, when he scored 17 goals. Ronaldo has been a Champions League top goalscorer seven times, so now it is time to wake this beast. The match with Atletico is the best moment for that and the last one, if Juventus wants to advance to quarterfinals.

In Real Madrid shirt Portuguese footballer played 31 times against their local rival. He won 14 and drew 9 out of them. He contributed to these results with 22 goals – he scored more only against Sevilla (27) and Getafe (23). Four of these goals against Atletico he scored in Champions League, one in the 2013/14 final.

The player is satisfied and confident before today’s game. He believes in a good result, which will depend on him a lot. Though, Ronaldo is very experienced in matches for such a stake and he is used to the pressure that rules there.

[photo: Juventus Facebook]

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