Are you a chef? Send your resume to Ronaldo!


As reported by Correio de Manha, Cristiano Ronaldo is looking for a chef for himself and his family. The employed person would live with his family and earn about $5,500 a month. Unfortunately, the footballer is reportedly having trouble finding a chef who would meet the requirements. Maybe he’s waiting for you?

As reported by Correio da Manha, the former Manchester United star, who is just getting used to his new life in Saudi Arabia, is looking for a private chef to help meet his family’s culinary needs.

This person would live with a family and earn about $5,500 a month. The new chef would also be provided with all the necessary tools for work and ingredients for dishes. Ronaldo is known for being obsessed with being precise about his diet and wants the new chef to be a specialist in dishes based on fish, seafood and sushi.

Another requirement is that the chef is a pizza expert. This is one of the few whims that Ronaldo indulges in his sports diet and which he regularly enjoys once a week. Therefore, he wants his pizza to be as good as the salary and conditions he offers.

Are you a chef? Maybe Ronaldo is waiting for you!

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