Bans green player jerseys

Lazio's Ciro Immobile is a very effective goal scorer here in illegal green

Serie A bans green player jerseys from 2022/23 to accommodate TV viewers who may have difficulty seeing the difference between the players and the turf, it reads.

If the Serie A clubs have planned a green player jersey for in a year, the plans must be shelved.

Serie A has thus decided that the clubs from the 2022/23 season will no longer be allowed to play in green jerseys. Nor must socks or shorts be green.

Serie A has decided this at a meeting ahead of the upcoming season, where several other important topics were also discussed and adopted, writes The Athletic and several other media.

The reason for the green ban is primarily to address the broadcasters who have expressed concern that green jerseys resemble the turf too much, making it difficult for viewers to distinguish between players and the pitch.

Last season, there were several teams playing in green jerseys. Atalanta wore a special Christmas tree jersey, while Lazio’s away jerseys were neon green.

Sassuolo’s home jerseys are green with black stripes, but it is unclear whether the club will have to change their familiar colors when it is now not completely green.

Serie A announces the ban now, so the clubs have plenty of time to think about their set of players for the season, which starts in a year.

Ciro Immobile is seen here in Lazio’s neon green away jersey last season. They can forget all about it in 2022/23

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