Bergkamp junior on trial at Arsenal

Mitchel Bergkamp

It can be a pain to be the son of a football legend. The upside is that you are mentioned when you do something good, the downside is that you are always compared to a senior. This is also the everyday life of Mitchel Bergkamp.

Dad Dennis has hero status in the Arsenal part of London, now there is an opportunity for 22-year-old Mitchel. The Dutchman comes on a free transfer after leaving the second division team Almere City in his home country. This week there has been test training at London Colney with the U23 team of the Gunners.

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Arsenal have sent a bunch of young players on loan this season, now it opens up for a large influx of talents from near and far. We think Dad Dennis has taken some calls, but now it’s up to Mitchel who grew up in London until fourteen years ago. When the midfielder without experience from the top level in the Netherlands goes out on the training field, the surname has no meaning.

When it comes to name and significance: Bergkamp senior stood in 423 games for Arsenal and led the club with his 120 goals to three Premier League titles and four FA Cup trophies. Dennis Bergkamp is still at the top of club history with his 94 assists in the Premier League.

We wish Mitchel good luck on the training field, and the opportunity to get a toe inside the Arsenal door, he too.

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