Carlos Alcaraz under fire

Carlos Alcaraz (foto: the indian express)

A few days ago, Carlos Alcaraz announced that he had to withdraw from the tournament in Basel due to a minor injury. Today, information comes to light that may suggest that the reason for Alcaraz’s absence in Basel is different.

Carlos Alcaraz was scheduled to play in the ATP 500 tournament in Basel, but withdrew due to injury. When preparing the start schedule for this season, the Spaniard had a choice of two tournaments on the same date, an event in Basel and a competition in Vienna. This is important information because there is a scandal surrounding it.

Der Standard newspaper revealed that Alcaraz chose to play in the tournament in Basel rather than Vienna for financial reasons. The Spaniard allegedly demanded remuneration from the Viennese organizers of at least $750,000. The director was apparently unable to guarantee the Spaniard such a sum and gave up the fight for Alcaraz’s participation in the tournament. Supposedly, this is why Alcaraz was supposed to appear in Basel. Ultimately, he didn’t show up here either. He cites foot inflammation and muscle strain in his lower back as the reason for his absence. The Spaniard declares his readiness to take part in the tournament in Paris, the last one before the ATP Finals. In the light of information revealed by the Der Standrad newspaper, fans are beginning to doubt the authenticity of the Spaniard’s ailments. They suggest that he withdrew from Basel because, here too, perhaps they did not want to pay him as much as he wanted.

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