Cazorla has come back from the dead

Villarreal CF Facebook

Injuries are the part of career of every football player, because the intensity of training and games can exhaust every organism. Some of them force footballers to rest for a couple of days or weeks, but sometimes they have more bad luck. Some injuries ends players’ careers and this scenario could come true for Santi Cazorla. Spaniard in 2016 needed to be substituted during the match with Ludogorec, because of an Achilles tendon injury.

In the next two years player survived hell, who could force him to retire from a brilliant career and consequences could have been even worse. The worst scenario would be losing ability to walk. After 10 surgeries the wound couldn’t heal, so bacteria gnawed a part of a tendon.

In the summer 2018 Villarreal signed him, but they didn’t have much of hope, that Cazorla will come back to this level of football. After preseason his performances had to answer, if he’s ready. It turned out he became one of the best midfielders in La Liga, single-handedly providing his team stay in the league. He scored 4 goals and added 10 assist in La Liga. In total he netted 7 times and gained 11 last passes.

Such excellent performances had to lead to a call-up from a national team. 34-year old will return to the squad after 4-year absence. The player is the perfect example for every seriously-injured footballers – you can still return to the high level despite an injury.

[photo: Villarreal CF Facebook]

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