Checo Perez stays at Red Bull, but his position is threatened by two names

Checo Perez, Helmut Marko (Marca)

Another race passes and Checo Perez is still out of shape. No wonder Red Bull is looking for alternatives. While the team says Perez is staying with them until the end of the season, the team admits they are eyeing two other drivers for a potential partnership.

Red Bull confirms Checo Perez will remain with the team this season. Helmut Marko has ruled out a mid-season change but confirmed the team is in talks with two other drivers.

Although Red Bull is undoubtedly dominating Formula 1 this season, rumors around the team are growing day by day. All because of Checo Perez. After every grand prix weekend and Perez’s failed start, it gets louder about his possible trade. Team adviser Helmut Marko, however, strongly denies rumors that Red Bull is leaving Perez. Only after the end of the season will there be time for reflection and more drastic decisions, if necessary. Also, despite Perez’s troubles, the driver is still scoring points and that’s enough for Red Bull for now. Verstappen is first in the standings, but Red Bull wants to have as many positions as possible, so they are not giving up on Perez.

“We really want to finish second in the championship as well. If we change drivers, the points are lost, so it’s not even a problem for us, Marko admitted.

Helmut Marko has ruled out a mid-season replacement for Perez but confirms talks with Norris and Ricciardo as potential drivers for next season. Marko admitted that the team is watching Ricciardo’s actions and Norris would be an ideal candidate, if only because of his young age and friendship with Red Bull star Max Verstappen.

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