Chelsea is about to face a transfer ban

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FIFA officialy announced, that Chelsea will face a transfer ban for the next two transfer windows. In addition the club will have to pay 600.000 Swiss francs. The team is entitled to an appeal from the decision, which it intends to use.

The punishment refers to a registration of players under the age of 18, which rules ‘The Blues’ broke regularly. In FIFA’s opinion, 92 footballers were signed with breaking regulations. From accusations applying to 63 of them the club defended itself, but the decision has not changed about the rest.

The transfer ban threat affected in the past several European clubs like Barcelona or both Madrid teams. A common practice in cases like this is an appeal, but it ends with a delay of a treat coming into force, at best. At least it allowed the clubs for strenghening a squad in the nearest transfer window.

The sentence complicates Chelsea’s situation, who will probably have to face leaving of Hazard to Real Madrid. Also they will not be able to reinforce neuralgic positions, which are failing this season. The possible new manager, who could be welcomed at Stamford Bridge in the result of Sarri’s bad situation in his position, could not extend a squad about new players fitting to his vision. It is sure that the club counts on later commencement of the punishment.

FIFA’s decision can have positive effects – in case of transfer ban, it is likely that youngsters would receive more chances. The Londoners dispose of one of the best talents in Europe. Certainly Callum Hudson-Odoi will smile then – the Englishman could receive more minutes if he stays at the Bridge.

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