Confirmed: Chaos-club has got its 5th manager in one year

It always starts with a smile. This time it's Bruno Labbadia. (photo: hertha, twitter)

There is probably more behind these numbers, but if you are to drive long-term, Hertha Berlin’s strategy will only be foolish.

The Berlin club on Thursday announced its fifth manager in a year. Yes, you read correctly.

It is part of the story that Jürgen Klinsman has been involved in the last exchanges. The legendary lightsaber at Inter Milan, Tottenham, Bayern Munich and the German national team smoked unclear with club leadership and had one of history’s shortest stays in a club.

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Thus Alexander Nouri was thrown into the Bundesliga circus as a kind of emergency. Hertha Berlin has stayed away from the relegation battle, but for Nouri the baton now moves on to Bruno Labbadia.

Labbadia has been without a job for a year after he left Wolfsburg after 50 games, and has certainly closed his eyes to the situation in the club and given a quick yes.

We have already forgotten the name of the first two managers this year. We can only say good luck, Labbadia

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