Controversial ITIA decision in the controversial case of the American Jenson Brooksby

Jenson Brooksby (sportingnews)

American tennis player Jenson Brooksby was temporarily suspended in July. Interestingly, the tennis player was not caught doping. Brooksby was booked for failing to disclose his whereabouts three times in a 12-month period. Now the ITIA has announced a verdict in a case that has been controversial from the beginning because the tennis player maintains that he did not commit the alleged offenses.

American tennis player Jenson Brooksby has been handed an 18-month ban by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA).

ITIA announced a one-and-a-half-year ban for Brooksby. The suspension officially began on July 5 and will expire on January 4, 2025. Brooksby, who reached the semifinals in Auckland in his first tournament this year, has been out of action since losing in the third round of the Australian Open. First, he stopped due to a wrist injury and the need to undergo two surgeries, and since July he has not played due to ITIA suspension.

The American will probably appeal against the decision. However, if the ITIA upholds its decision, Brooksby will not play until January 2025, which is two years without participating in any tournaments. Let us emphasize that ITIA has the right to uphold its decision, because according to the regulations, if a player fails to provide his place of residence three times or is not found there, he is subject to suspension.

Brooksby’s case is not about doping, but if a player fails to provide his whereabouts three times, he may be punished.

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