Crazy all-star game at NBA All-Star Weekend! Tatum with a new NBA record and LeBron with an injury


The legendary NBA All-Star Weekend is behind us. Those hoping to see LeBron James perform in the all-star game were disappointed. The injury forced the basketball player to leave the court. However, Jayson Tatum, who set a new NBA record, provided us with emotions.

Three days of the legendary weekend of NBA stars are behind us. The highlight of the weekend was Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game featuring some of America’s greatest basketball stars, including LeBron James, who recently became the all-time leading scorer by breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 38-year-old record.

Sunday’s NBA All-Star game followed the same format as last year’s game. Each quarter started with the score 0-0, and a win meant a huge amount of money donated to the foundation assigned to each team. The winner was the team that in the fourth quarter reached the so-called. target score, which consisted of the number of points scored by the leading team after three quarters + 24 points added to it. What’s more, this year the captains of the teams selected the players only half an hour before the match. Basketball players did not have the opportunity to train or discuss tactics with each other beforehand. The teams were as follows:

Unfortunately, those hoping to see a stunning performance by LeBron James had to be disappointed, because the basketball player suffered an injury in the first part of the meeting and eventually left the field after 14 minutes. It was similar with Giannis, who played for only one action due to a wrist injury. In the time he spent on the field, LeBron managed to score 13 points. Jayson Tatum made up for the absence of the captains.

Tatum was the star of the third quarter of the game. The basketball player hit three-pointers seven times. Team Giannis scored a total of 59 points in the quarter, 21 of which were by Tatum. However, the basketball player did not stop there. That night, Jayson Tatum recorded the best individual performance in All-Star Game history with a total of 55 points, 30 of them from three-pointers. Check out all of Tatum’s record 55 points in the video below:

Giannis’s team went into the final quarter with a 17-point lead, and though LeBron’s team made a good comeback, they failed to win the game. Team Giannis won the game 184-175 and became the first All-Star team since the new format of play to beat LeBron’s team. The MVP of the match was, of course, Jayson Tatum.

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