Dark clouds above Solskjaer


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after parting company with Jose Mourinho seems to be a salvation for Manchester United. Norwegian found the team divided, without any hope for Top 4 in the league and any success in Champions League, but only because of the first games he gained trust of his proteges, as well as support. “The Red Devils” players tried harder and harder and also because of that they’ve been winning in series.

First defeat came only in February, against PSG. It was the 12th game under Solskjaer and during this time the team drew only once, versus Burnley. This way United joined again in the Top 4 race. Players outplayed Chelsea in the FA Cup as well. However, the most magnificent return was against PSG in the second game, when despite a lot of injuries they beat their rivals 3:1.

Since then the worse pass has come. Loss versus Arsenal and elimination from the FA Cup against Wolves couldn’t change management’s mind and stop them from a permanent deal offer. He signed three-years contract on May 28th.

Since that day the team played five games and won only twice, both with the 2:1 result. There is no trace left of convincing wins from the beginning of Solskjaer job at Old Trafford. In addition Wolves won again against United and Barcelona gave them no chance in Champions League quarterfinals, especially in the second game. Solskjaer would have to find a way to go back on a winning way, otherwise the season will be expendable.

[photo: Manchester United Facebook / Getty Images]

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