David Ferrer reports that Rafael Nadal could return to play later this year

Rafael Nadal (Twitter)

Rafael Nadal has been out of contention since January, when he suffered a hip injury at the Australian Open. The injury turned out to be so serious that before the start of Roland Garros in May, the Spaniard announced that he had to end the season. David Ferrer, however, gave us hope that we will see Nadal on the court this year. Ferrer says Nadal told him he wanted to be ready to return to play this fall.

Nadal’s career has always been plagued by injuries. However, it was rarely serious enough to eliminate the Spaniard from the competition for the entire season. But that’s what happened when Nadal was injured at the Australian Open in January. As a result, Nadal withdrew from the competition and finally ended the season at the end of May, which he announced at a special press conference. The Spaniard then said that no treatment method had brought results. So he was ending the season to allow his body to recover and allow him to play at his best in the 2024 season, as it will be the last season of his career. Although Nadal’s absence was felt at every step, the 2023 season is slowly approaching its decisive phase. David Ferrer, however, has good news for us, because perhaps we will see Nadal in action later this year.

Spain’s Davis Cup captain David Ferrer has hinted Nadal could play if they make the Davis Cup finals in November, or there might be a chance he prolongs his return and waits until the 2024 clay season.

However, Spanish Davis Cup coach and friend Ferrer has admitted Nadal hinted he could aim to get back onto the court for his nation as soon as November. Speaking to Clay, Ferrer said he would be keen to have the 22-time grand slam champ on court, but only if he was physically ready.

-He was the one who once told me ‘my goal is to have a goal, to reach the Davis Cup at the end of the year if you qualify’. And he is in that process. And be careful, my goal is not to convince him, he is the one who told me that – Ferrer told the publication.

Nadal underwent surgery earlier this summer and is recovering well.

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