Dont sign aging Real Madrid duo

Gareth And Tony, male bonding

Manchester United supporter Alfie07 present this argument for why sign players from Premier League.: 

We need to approach the transfer window sensibly. There are plenty of better players than we currently have in the PL plying their trade for teams which are below us. We need to identify young, hungry players with a desire to prove themselves and sign those up to rebuild us. It doesn’t really matter what positions we go for as we are weak all over. There is little point going for the Bales and Kroos type players as they will not have the hunger and attitude that we need.


Gareth Bale og Toni Kroos 
Seeing that we’ve only made about 3-4 signings that can be regarded as successful in the last decade, I’d say it’s going to take way more than 5 years to assemble a squad capable of winning trophies. No everyone has been a bad player – far from it – but it obviously takes a certain type of character to succeed at Old Trafford and signing half the Leicester City team is not going to solve anything.

First of all, the players will need to understand that playing for Manchester United means that you have to try to better your opponent every time. You have to go out there looking for a win – no matter the opposition or occasion. I don’t think they get that because it certainly isn’t message that’s being sent by the bigwigs. Everything is about money and trying to scrape into the top 4 or even the top 6, now. That’s how far we have fallen.

I’m glad we got rid of Mourinho because he had gone way past the point of no return. I think Ole was the right man to replace him but why Woodward felt the need to make his appointment permanent so soon baffles me. As would appointing Ferdinand or Fletcher as DOF.

There’s a clear lack of ambition at Old Trafford and we’ll fail to recruit top players as a result. Paul Pogba is reportedly fed up with the situation although one has to wonder what he himself has done to change that on the pitch. Whether we like it or not, he still has a huge influence; not just at United but among other players who are well aware of the sh*t show on display at United.

A mid-table finish next season seems the likeliest outcome at this stage unless we can somehow miraculously replace most of the deadwood with quality players who can hit the ground running. Most of them will need to be young and with room to improve but we’ll need to compliment them with a few proven leaders who won’t allow mediocrity at any given point. Somehow, that seems unlikely with the way this once great club is being controlled or, rather, miscontrolled by people who couldn’t care less as long as their wallets keep getting fatter.

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