Former WTA number one Caroline Wozniacki announces her big comeback

Caroline Wozniacki (rmf24)

Former No. 1 mother-of-two Caroline Wozniacki announced her return to tennis on Vogue. We know when she will play.

The 2018 Australian Open champion retired from tennis in 2020 and has since worked as an analyst for the Tennis Channel. During this time, she also became the mother of two children. Now, however, she is hungry for success and tennis again. Wozniacki has announced that she will be returning to the game.

Wozniacki will strive to find a balance between career and family, announcing her return to the game this summer, starting at the Omnium Banque Nationale in Montreal and continuing at the US Open, where she reached the finals twice. The tennis player has already received a wild card to appear in the New York Slam.

-Am I nervous? Not really. I’m going back to something I love. Yes, I will be nervous before the match. I have nothing against it. I’m great with it. Can I win the US Open? I think so. Can I win the Australian Open? I think so. That’s why I do it. And I guess we’ll see what happens- wrote Caroline Wozniacki.

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