Formula 1 cancels the race


A “normal” Formula 1 season is 24 races, but this time it will be fewer. Formula 1 is canceling one race right now. It is impossible to run a Grand Prix in China and it will not be replaced. It’s already decided. Why?

In the upcoming Formula 1 season, drivers will start in 23 races instead of 24. The race in China has been canceled and will not be replaced by any other competition. All because of covid restrictions.

This year’s season will start on March 5 and end on November 26. The Grand Prix in China will not be on the list of organized races. The competition scheduled for April 16 was canceled due to the extremely strict covid regulations in China. Formula 1 authorities were trying to find a replacement venue for the race, but the costs of organizing an event of this scale in the short time period that remained until April were too great.

Formula 1 has confirmed the shortening of this year’s competition by one race via its website. This year’s race in China was to be the first in four years.

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