Formula 1 is back in action. It’s time for one of the most dangerous races of the season

Formula 1 track in Singapore (photo:

Formula 1 took a break for a while, but is back after a week of rest. The race in Singapore is ahead of us. Here’s what you need to know about the Singapore Grand Prix.

The Singapore Grand Prix is a relatively young race. It was first organized by Formula 1 in 2008 on the Marina Bay Street Circuit. It was the first race in Formula 1 history to be held at night with artificial lighting. It is also one of the most dangerous races, because artificial lighting and equatorial rains in Singapore can significantly reduce drivers’ visibility.

This will be a huge test of endurance for the drivers as this race is always the longest they race due to the lap length in Singapore and the way the number of laps has to be adjusted. The Singapore race will have three practice sessions, one qualifying session and then the race.

  • On September 15, the drivers will take part in two training sessions.
  • On September 16, the drivers will take part in the third training session. After a short break, they will start the qualifying session.
  • On September 17 – race.

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