Formula 1 with a new team?

Andretti cadillac f1 (fot. Twitter)

The FIA approved Andretti’s application. The team may join Formula 1. The Americans, however, have a long way to go before this happens. If it happens.

For a long time, the media have pointed to the American project as the only winner of the process of expressing interest in joining F1, which started in February. Four entities joined the process and were assessed in terms of many organizational, financial and social aspects. These analyzes showed that only Michael Andretti’s application meets all the above-mentioned assumptions. However, Hitech, Carlin and LKYSUNZ did not receive permission.

This does not mean, however, that F1 will be expanded in the 2025 season. However, the American team now faces its most difficult challenge. He must convince Formula One Management, the holder of the commercial rights to the championship series, to accept his project. He, however, works closely with the current teams, the vast majority of which do not want the 60-year-old and his company to join. A few months ago, the Americans announced that they had collected $200 million in entry fees, which are intended to compensate current teams for the reduction in prize money. Will this be enough to convince Formula One Management? Especially since the entry fee was set several years ago. F1 teams claim that the current entry fee should be around $600-700 million to compensate for the reduction in prize money. Apparently the teams hope that the Americans will not collect this amount.

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