Frances Tiafoe wants a revolution in tennis


For years, tennis has been resistant to change. However, that is changing. More recently, instant point replay in case of doubt has been introduced and line judges have been replaced by an advanced electronic system. For Frances Tiafoe, it’s still not enough.

American tennis player Frances Tiafoe is calling for tennis to change further to attract the younger generations. The American is convinced that it is necessary to take advantage of the moment when tennis dared to change, introducing as many revolutions as possible.

At the moment, tennis has abandoned line judges in favor of an advanced electronic system that passes the test, and introduced instant replay of a point in case of doubt, and is starting to look more favorably at the introduction of consultations between the player and the coach. Recall that currently in 99.9% of tournaments, tennis players are not allowed to contact the coach during matches.

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Frances Tiafoe is delighted that tennis has begun to make changes for the players, but he wants the changes to apply to the fans as well. Tiafoe is convinced that this will attract new fans. Especially those of the younger generation.

– We need to start making changes to attract more young people. Supporters should be able to cheer out loud and come and go as they please, except at Wimbledon which has a number of traditions. – Tifoe said.

Do you agree with him?

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