Gael Monfils jumps into the stands and argues with the spectator

Gael Monfils (Image: AP)

If you think tennis is boring, watch a match of Gael Monfils. The Frenchman is known for his acrobatics. This time, he surprised everyone when he jumped into the stands and started arguing with one of the spectators.

The incident took place in the last days of July during an exhibition match at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown.

Gael Monfils took matters into his own hands after being ridiculed during a match against home favorites Frances Tiafoe. The Frenchman decided to confront the irritating spectator. Monfils ran towards the grandstand and, climbing the sponsor boards, jumped into the grandstand and faced the fan who stepped back with a look of shock on his face while his friend burst out laughing. His colleague replied, “He was making fun of someone in the front row.” After the meeting ended, Monfils approached the same spectator again. This time he was smiling and high fived the man. Monfils also clashed with the referee during the competition.

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