Gary Cahill end his adventure with Chelsea!

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In the recent days it has been officially announced, that Gary Cahill will leave Chelsea this summer after 7 years spent in London.

English central-back started his career in Aston Villa in 2004. After two loans, one to Burnley, second to Sheffield United, he joined Bolton Wanderers, where he proved himself as solid rock in the middle of defence, even on the Premier League level, despite the club placed himself near the bottom of the table.

It always hard to attract attention of bigger clubs, when you play as a defender against much better offensive players. Chelsea appreciated his skills though and he changed the club in January 2012. Next half of year was crazy for Cahill, as he was suddenly fighting for Top 4 in the league, had a chance to win FA Cup and especially, Champions League.

Chelsea, despite having only a caretaker manager Roberto Di Matteo, managed to win FA Cup and surprisingly beat Bayern Munich in Champions League final. Even though ‘The Blues’ were expected to have a terrible season after bad results in the first half of campaign, Cahill and his teammates turned it around and made history.

Englishman was a first choice of the following managers until Maurizio Sarri decided to go with Luiz and Rüdiger. In yesterday’s match against Watford he appeared on the pitch in the last minutes to say goodbye with Stamford Bridge, as it was the last league game at home for Chelsea this season.

Centre-back won one Champions League, one Europa League, two Premier League titles, two FA Cup trophies, and one English League Cup in royal blue shirt. Now he will be able to join a new club for free, as his contract expires on June 30th.

[photo: Chelsea FC Facebook]

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