Gino Mader died as a result of an accident in Tour de Suisse

Gino Mader (Eurosport)

Dramatic news from Tour de Suisse Gino Mader is dead. The cyclist died after an accident in La Punt, on the 197th kilometer of the route, just before the finish.

The tragic accident involving Gino Madera happened just before the finish line. On the 197th kilometer of the route, Mader and Magnus Sheffield were unable to stay on the route during the descent from the Albula Pass and flew over the barriers. Mader landed 10 meters from the race route. After falling, he did not get up. He was unconscious in the water. In less than two minutes after the incident, doctors were at his side. He was immediately resuscitated and transported by helicopter to the hospital.

Magnus Sheffield was not seriously injured in the accident. However, he has a concussion, which is why he remains in the hospital and withdrew from the race. Unfortunately, Gino Mader paid the ultimate price. On Friday afternoon, it was reported that the Swiss cyclist died as a result of his injuries.

After the incident, several of the cyclists admitted that the race should have ended at the top, not downhill. The organizers of the event also spoke on the matter. The sixth stage of the race was initially supposed to be shortened, but will eventually be neutralized. The cyclists rode 30 kilometers as a tribute to Gino Mader.

Gino Mader was 26 years old. Among other things, he had won stages of the 2021 Giro d’Italia and the 2021 Tour de Suisse, 5th place and won the 2021 Vuelta a España youth classification and 2nd place in the 2022 Tour de Romandie.

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