Go on a trip around the world with Roger Federer

Roger Federer (Twitter)

Ever since Roger Federer retired from sports, he’s been doing everything he didn’t have time to do as a professional tennis player. He started by visiting the most beautiful cities in the world. You can join him thanks to “24 Hours with Roger”.

Roger Federer has been on a sporty retirement since autumn 2022. The Swiss ended his career because chronic injuries to the spine and knees prevent playing at the professional level.

Since Roger Federer has retired, he has been doing everything he didn’t have time when he played tennis professionally. One such thing is to visit all the most wonderful cities in the world. Although he was in these cities many times, he could never explore the streets because he was still on the court. Interestingly, the Swiss realizes his plan with the support of his tennis sponsor, and the project is called “24 Hours with Roger”.

“24 Hours with Roger” is a series of videos created by Roger Federer and his sponsor Uniqlo. In this new series of movies, we join Roger Federer, who visits his favorite cities around the world. He will meet several surprising guests and visit interesting, unexpected places in every city. From Tokyo to New York and not only, we’ll see how LifeWear (a series of Uniqlo clothes that Federer will wear on these expeditions) makes Roger look great in every situation and in every mood. The project aims to support children representing the next generation. While Roger has achieved many feats as a professional tennis player, the global event will support the development of children around the world through tennis, as well as various artistic and cultural programs. The project began with an event in London in June 2023. Since then, Roger Federer is visiting the largest cities around the world. The journey is documented with the help of “24 Hours with Roger”. Federer’s videos and details can be followed on UNIQLO and YouTube.

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