Good news about the return of Dawid Kubacki!


After the dramatic end of the 2022/23 season, when Dawid Kubacki’s wife fought for her life, the ski jumper’s career was in question. Today, Marta Kubacka is recovering and Kubacki’s coach can deliver the message that all ski jumping fans have been waiting for. Dawid Kubacki resumed training!

The 2022/23 season was Dawid Kubacki’s best season so far. The Pole took the lead in the general classification on November 5, after winning the inaugural competition of the World Cup. Later he won in Titisee-Neustadt, Engelberg and Innsbruck and was regularly on the podium, and in the 71st 4-Hills-Tournament he finished second. During a temporary loss of form, he lost the leader position on January 28 to the Norwegian Halvor Egner Granerud. However, he quickly regained his fitness and won the bronze medal at the World Championships on the large hill on March 3. Everything changed during the Raw Air tournament series. The Pole withdrew from the competition and announced the end of the season on March 20 due to the critical health of his wife, Marta Kubacka. The Pole thus lost his chance to triumph in the general classification, and after the first reports from the hospital, which showed that Marta Kubacka was fighting for her life, Kubacki’s further career was in doubt.

Today it is known that Marta Kubacka is recovering. After a month-long struggle for life, Dawid Kubacki’s wife left the hospital with a pacemaker and started rehabilitation. Although the Kubacki family knows that their reality will change a lot and Dawid will have to be at home more often, the jumper announced that he wants to continue jumping. This information was gladly received by PZN, which declared that it could create an individual mode of the preparation program for Kubacki for the new season, if necessary.

We are happy to announce that Dawid Kubacki will perform in the next season. The ski jumper has resumed training! The coach of the Polish team Thomas Thurnbichler informed about the fact in an interview with

-I had a really great conversation with Dawid Kubacki. Together with Marta, they deal with the situation very well. Of course, we have to be flexible with his situation, but it looks like he will be fully involved in the training process from the start of the summer season if everything develops as positively as it has recently.- said Thomas Thurnbichler.

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