Groups in Africa Cup of Nations are drawn


Yesterday’s evening we were witnesses of a Africa Cup Of Nations drawn, which will take place in Egypt. As the country of pyramids was chosen, the drawn was organised in the best possible place, in Giza, among pharaohs’ tombs.

To group A, alongside Egyptians, DR Congo, Uganda and and Zimbabwe have been drawn. In group B Nigeria, Guinea, Madagascar and Burundi will compete for advance. Next group will juxtapose Senegal, Algeria, Kenya and Tanzania. In the next group will see respectively: Morocco, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Namibia, Tunisia, Mali, Mauritania, Angola. In group F Cameroon, the previous organizer, before this title was taken from them, will face Ghana, Benin and Guinea-Bissau.

In each tournament the main favorite will be as always Egypt, the seven-time winner and Cameroon, the title-holder, fifth in their collection. Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast shouldn’t be disregarded either.


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