Guardiola is not going anywhere

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Connected with “Il Giornale” journalist Luigi Guelpa, who was the first to inform the world about Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus, claimed, that Pep Guardiola is going to sign a contract with champions of Italy. However, Spanish manager belied these rumours.

Some say about Massimiliano Allegri, that he is going to leave Juventus after four years in Turin. Appointed in 2014 Italian won four times Serie A title, and advanced twice to the Champions League final. This year he will probably be eliminated earlier, in Round of 16. Atletico won the first match 2:0 and they are known for their solid defence.

According to written by Guelpa informations, Guardiola would sign a four-year contract, but Spaniard is sure, that he will stay at Etihad until the end of the contract in 2021, unless he is fired. It is not likely to happen, as he conquered another league after La Liga and Bundesliga and he deals stronger than ever Liverpool.

It is possible though, that the whole operation will happen two years later. Until now the longest term he worked as manager was in Barcelona and it lasted four years, but after completing the contract he may break this record. In Juventus he would receive an option to conquer another league and win Champions League again.

[photo: Manchester City Facebook]

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