He has just performed a miracle, now he is withdrawing. Why is Monfils leaving Roland Garros?

Gael Monfils (Twitter)

On Tuesday, Gael Monfils performed a miracle by winning his first round match at Roland Garros despite the pain, first losing 4-0 in the deciding set. There was no end to the French euphoria. So what happened that just before his 2nd round match against Holger, Rune Monfils forfeited the match?

Everyone who watched Gael Monfils’ first round match against Seastian Baez rubbed their eyes in amazement as Monfils, despite pain, cramps and fatigue, defeated Baez. The Frenchman returned to the match in the fifth set with the score 0: 4 in games. In an interview with journalists, he admitted that it was a miracle, and the meeting is among his top 2 best clashes in his career.

Gael Monfils unfortunately overpaid his triumph with health. Almost exactly 24 hours after beating Baez, Monfils withdrew from the tournament. It turns out that during the match against Baez, the Frenchman suffered a wrist injury that prevents him from continuing to play. At the moment it is not known when Monfils will return to the game. Recall that the Frenchman announced a few months ago that he would be more careful in organizing his tournament calendar, because his career is coming to an end, and he wants to give himself a chance to start in the Paris Olympics. So his body has to be able to hold out until then, and that means avoiding injury like the plague.

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