How to score against English team? Lionel Messi responses

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In the Tuesday’s Champions League game against Manchester United, Lionel Messi deprived their rivals out of illusions to win the match. In 20th minute it was already 2:0, thanks to two goals scored by Argentinean. Barcelona legend found a free space in front of a penalty box and shooted mightily in a down corner of a goal. His second goal was also outside the box, but this time De Gea’s mistake caused this.

It was the fourth goal of Barcelona player in his 6th performance against Manchester United. Two of them he scored in the Champions League finals, in 2009, which was also his first ever game against English team. Argentinean especially likes clubs from United Kingdom, with which he meets only in European tournaments. In 32 games he scored 24 goals.

Other Barcelona rivals with Messi in the squad were: Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool. The player wasn’t only able to score against the last team, but he will have a chance in the upcoming games in Champions League semifinals. Against Spurs he scored twice in two games, versus Chelsea only three times in ten matches and all of them in the last clashes. In six games against Manchester City he netted six times, but he’s done even better versus Arsenal. 9 goals in six matches it’s a fantastic result, mostly reached in 2010, when he scored four goals in 90 minutes.

Players like Kane, Agüero, or Salah doesn’t have such an amazing score and goals to matches ratio versus top teams in Premier League, even though they play with them every season. It is obvious, that Messi likes rivals from England in particular and Liverpool should worry about the upcoming clashes.

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