Hubert Hurkacz is the best tennis player in the world. This stat speaks for itself

Hubert Hurkacz, Canadian Open 2023 (tvp)

Last week, Hubert Hurkacz came close to winning with the leader of the ranking, Carlos Alcaraz. The Pole won the set with the Spaniard, but eventually lost. After the game, praise for his games poured in from all sides. One of the Polish commentators noted that in one statistic Hurkacz is better than all tennis players in the world.

Hubert Hurkacz met Carlos Alcaraz last Friday. Although it seemed that Alcaraz was the favorite of the match, the Pole won the set with him, and in the third set he was one step away from the final triumph. Despite the loss, the headlines of post-match articles outdid each other in praising Hurkacz’s game. One of the leading tennis commentators in Poland was also pleased with him.

-I do not take back my words that Hubert will not be a much better tennis player. He is 26 years old. Some things you can’t work out at this age. We can’t expect him to suddenly match Alcaraz, who is visibly younger. It should be noted, however, that Poles have the best serving tennis player in the world. The numbers speak for themselves. 700 aces at this stage of the season is impressive. In this element, Hubert is second to none. We have reason to be proud- Tomasz Wolfke noted in an interview with Sportowe Fakty.

Dawid Olejniczak pointed out another good thing. He touched on an issue that we have been observing for several weeks. Hurkacz clearly has an increase in form and this is the second duel this year with the leading tennis player, in which the Pole is close to a sensational victory. It fills with optimism and allows us to confidently believe that the Pole will soon achieve a great triumph over the tennis legends.

-I think that winning in these types of meetings, like with Alcaraz or Novak Djokovic, is a matter of time. It’s hard to always lose duels that are so fierce – said Olejniczak.

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