Iga Swiatek could not stand it. The Polish woman starts a discussion with the WTA authorities

Swiatek in Paris (Roland Garros)

Iga Swiatek joins the appeal of Elena Rybakina, who criticized the WTA and the tournament authorities for bad scheduling of matches. The Polish woman asks the WTA to provide statistics on the viewership of matches starting after 10 p.m., noting that they have a negative impact on the health of players. How did the WTA react to this?

Elena Rybakina and Iga Swiatek call on the WTA to verify the correctness of their actions. The Polish woman raised this topic at her last press conference.

It is obvious that if winning a match is based on the necessary number of points to be scored, rather than on a time limit, it can be prolonged. It is also understandable that matches are broadcast on television during increased viewing hours and taking into account the time zone in which the event takes place. Iga Swiatek and Elena Rybakina understand this perfectly, but they ask for attention to how the given scheduling of matches and tournaments affects the player’s body.

Iga Swiatek calls on the WTA and tournament organizers to eliminate matches starting after 10 p.m. after what had recently happened to Elena Rybakina. Rybakina’s quarterfinal at the Canadian Open was delayed multiple times due to the weather, which ultimately meant that the tennis player had to play until 3am. As a consequence, advancing to the semi-finals, she played two matches in one day. Iga Swiatek appeals to refrain from starting meetings at late hours, when it is known that there may be different weather conditions.

The Polish woman points out that playing at night is harmful to the players. Then there is no space for proper regeneration. The sleep time is disturbed and shortened due to the need to appear on the court the next day. Let us remind you that proper regeneration after extreme effort is crucial for our mental and physical health, and the body rests best at night.

Appealing to the WTA, Iga Swiatek asked for data showing the number of viewers of matches starting after 10 p.m. To date, the WTA has not responded to the tennis player’s request.

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