Iga Swiatek criticized. Nick Kyrgios defends the Polish woman

photo: The Tennis Letter: Twitter

Despite her very young age, Iga Swiatek has several impressive records, grand slam titles and number 1 in the ranking. Although most of the world has been admiring the Polish woman continuously for a year, Jimmy Arias, the winner of Roland Garros in 1981, believes that she is not good for tennis. Swiatek, criticized by Arias, found a defender in Nick Kyrgios. Here’s what he had to say.

Jimmy Arias, a former American tennis player and 1981 Roland Garros mixed doubles winner, criticized Iga Swiatek’s personality and her impact on the world of tennis. The Pole is defended by Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios.

-I don’t think she’s good for women’s tennis because she wears her cap so low you can’t even see her face or eyes during a match, so you can’t bond with her as much as possible. I want to see her personality.- said Jimmy Arias.

Nick Kyrgios disagreed with Arias’ comments, dismissing them as another “terrible take”.

“@TheTennisLetter Another horrible take,” Kyrgios tweeted.

Kyrgios’s remark about “another” bad take on Arias likely referred to recent criticism from the American. After the Australian denounced his busy tennis schedule and stated that it could potentially lead to his early retirement, Arias mocked Kyrgios’ comments by pointing out that he rarely plays a full season of tennis.

Do you agree with Arias’s opinion on Iga Swiatek?

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