In May, he broke the world record in the 10-time Ironman. Now he may lose the record

Robert Karas (

In May, Robert Karas set a new world record in the 10-time Ironman. Now he may lose it because trace amounts of prohibited substances were found in his body. Karas issued a statement on the matter.

On Sunday evening, Rober Karas announced via his social media that trace amounts of prohibited substances were detected in his body. The news shocked the Pole, who maintains that he has never used doping. Does this mean that Karas will lose the world record at the distance of 10 times Ironman, which he set in May this year?

In the issued statement, Robert Karas not only assured that he had not taken any banned substances, but also admitted that he himself had sought anti-doping tests for the 10-time Ironman. Because only in competitions that test their players, a world record is recognized, if one is set. Karas pointed out that it would be ridiculous on his part to apply for anti-doping tests while using doping at the same time.

Karas informed that the case is still pending. The athlete is waiting for the result of the B sample. He adds that although the Federation of the International Ultra Triathlon Association (IUTA) does not disclose information about the detection of prohibited substances in the athlete to the public at this stage, he decided to share it because, as he claims, there is nothing to hide. The athlete believes that illicit substances entered his body through contaminated medications he was taking while treating fractures to his arm, ribs and foot.

-I have reviewed the situation with my staff and sports doctors. In January I treated fractures of the arm, ribs and foot. Then I was given drugs that contained substances on the WADA list.- he added, claiming that he had been assured that taking the drugs would not have any impact on the preparations or the performance in Brazil, because they are not present in the body for so long.

Karas shares his story as a warning and encouragement to check the opinions of experts in several sources.

-But regardless of these results and the final decision of the federation, I want to share my story. Let this be a warning to other athletes to apply the principle of limited trust in expert opinions. – appealed Karas.

We will inform you about the development of the case.

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