Is the WTA facing bankruptcy?!

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On Monday, the world heard the news of the possible bankruptcy of the WTA. The bankruptcy of the institution responsible for women’s tennis may occur as early as 2026. These revelations were made by Yuri Polsky, vice-president of the Kazakh tennis federation.

Vice-president of the Kazakhstan tennis federation, Yuri Polsky, stated that the WTA is at risk of bankruptcy by 2026, and the reason is not only the financial problems of the institution. Polsky says that the possible bankruptcy of the WTA is due to the association’s numerous financial problems, as well as poor management and the lack of rich Asian tournaments.

If this is true, it may force a restructuring of the management team of women’s tennis. Polsky presented one of the options for saving the WTA. Polsky sees a chance to save the WTA through a logistical and commercial merger with the ATP, the governing body of the men’s tournament. Despite the merger, they would still be two separate associations, but could host more events with men’s and women’s tournaments being played simultaneously. It would also increase media interest, as Polsky says statistics continue to show that men’s tennis attracts far more attention. Polsky also believes that this merger would also include the consolidation of rights to broadcast matches. This includes, for example, the sale of rights to broadcast both WTA and ATP meetings in one package.

The WTA did not comment on Polsky’s reports. Do you think the information provided by Polsky is true? If so, what do you think about his proposal to save the WTA?

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