It costs 500 million euros to save Barcelona

Eduard Romeu

Barcelona’s economic vice-president says that with 500 million euros he would be able to save the club from the financial problems.

The crisis is still raging in Barcelona.

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The club has problems with the finances, and the other day they also announced that they would reduce their salary expenses by 160 million euros.

The crisis is partly due to the high salaries and the fact that they have lost a lot of money on buying players and then selling them cheaper shortly after.

Now Barcelona’s economic vice-president, Eduard Romeu, is telling what plans they have for getting out of the crisis.

  • Our financial situation is still critical, but it looks better than in recent years. We know where we stand and we have discovered the problem.
  • The number that has done the most damage is the imbalance that we have inherited over time. We have minus 500 million euros in funds, and if we had not done something, that figure would have been 150 million euros larger.
  • If one day there is someone who will give us 500 million euros, then it would solve our problems. That is the amount we need to save Barca, Eduard Romeu tells the newspaper Sport.

Barcelona have previously said they will reduce their salary costs by selling some players and talking to their players about a possible pay cut.

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