Jack Grealish attacked by a hooligan

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The unusual situation happened yesterday in Championship. During the match a man, Birmingham City’s supporter, ran through the pitch to hit rivals’ player, Jack Grealish.

The attack took place at the beginning of the match. The bandit commited a crime on expected nothing Englishman from behind. Fortunately, player wasn’t hurt. The hooligan was arrested and would probably face prison time and ban for life on entering a St Andrew’s stadium.

The attacker’s behaviour has already been criticized by Grealish himself and home team’s manager. In football at no level situations like this should take place.

Englishman didn’t worry for long and shortly he came back to the game. In the second half he scored the only goal in the match, giving his team valuable three points. What is even more surprising, when he was celebrating with the fans, he was kicked by a photographer. Immediately the man was also arrested by the police.

Due to the win, Aston Villa is still able to reach the place, that gives play-offs. The winner will be promoted to Premier League. The team still needs four points to achieve their goals. Grealish contributed to ‘The Villans’ with four goals and four assists.

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