José Mourinho got a crazy salary offer for coaching this club

Mourinho (photo: Twitter)

Corriere dello Sport reports that Saudi Arabia has offered Mourinho an annual salary of €60 million if he commits to two years to lead Al-Nassr, which has Mourinho’s well-known Cristiano Ronaldo on board. Should Murinho refuse, another offer was prepared for him.

Jose Mourinho has been offered two jobs in Saudi Arabia. The first is the job of Al-Nassr’s coach. The club where Ronaldo plays. The second offer is to lead the national team of Saudi Arabia. For managing Al-Nassr, Mouringo would receive a salary of 60 million euros. If, on the other hand, he decides to become a national team coach, the contract is a little different. It will be a one-year contract, which if Mourinho wants to extend, he must commit to the 2026 World Cup.

If Mourinho takes the job, he will be the highest-paid football manager of all time. Jose Mourinho is said to have already told Roma, whom he has been in charge of since the summer of 2021, that an offer is something he is considering.

The country’s dictators are in full swing with sports development with the intention of becoming hosts of the 2030 World Cup. As part of the deal and a possible extension, the 60-year-old Mourinho would become a football ambassador for Saudi Arabia.

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