Julia Simon arrested. The players accuse her of stealing

08.02.2023, Oberhof, Germany (GER): Julia Simon (FRA) - IBU World Championships Biathlon, medals, Oberhof (GER). www.nordicfocus.com. © Reichert/NordicFocus. Every downloaded picture is fee-liable.

Last year’s biathlon World Cup winner Julia Simon was arrested. The woman is accused of theft by several representative players. Several hours after being detained by the police, Julia Simon was released home. We know whether she was charged and what exactly the biathletes accuse her of.

Biathlete Julia Simon was arrested by police on Tuesday on suspicion of theft. Simon’s representative colleagues accuse her of making online purchases using their credit cards. Simon denies the accusations and claims that the purchases were made by a person impersonating her. Eurosport reports that, according to sources close to people involved in the matter, the ordered goods were delivered to Simon’s home address. At least three people from the French national team accuse Simon of the above-mentioned act.

At this moment, Julia Simon has not officially heard any charges and has been released from custody. However, the case is continued by the police. We will inform you about its progress.

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