Kamil Stoch comments on the situation of the national team again. The jumper appeals to the fans

Kamil Stoch (fot. onet)

The Polish team started this ski jumping season badly. After the first jumping competition, there were also disturbing reports about the tense atmosphere in the team and mistakes made in preparation for the season. Kamil Stoch then suggested that he did not fully believe in the training system. Today he speaks on the matter again. Be sure to read his words in our article.

Kamil Stoch has been criticized for years by some for being too conservative towards the staff in conversations with journalists. Now, after the first competition, when he talked about his lack of self-confidence and problems in preparing for the competition, he was criticized for criticizing the staff. Although he clearly stated in his statement that he did not criticize the training idea. Now, despite the storm his words caused, Stoch is speaking out on the matter again.

– I believe in our team and I believe that everything can still change. Things like that haven’t happened in my career. I believe in coaches who give their all. It’s not like everyone sits down and takes it all seriously. Here is a request to the fans for patience and faith in us. This is not an easy situation for us, but we will cope with it all together, said the two-time Olympic champion to Dominik Formela from skijumping.pl.

The 36-year-old ski jumper also said that the coaches give him good advice, and sometimes he unnecessarily messes around, asking them to change something, which unfortunately later brings disastrous results. As he himself said:

– Now I need to find this one point on which I can focus and stick to it consistently, and not change it every day. The coaches give me good tips, but I don’t feel like I’m supposed to do it. For me, every minimal correction is a 180-degree change, he said.

Ski jumping World Cup competition schedule in Klingenthal:

Friday, December 8:
official training

Saturday, December 9:
trial series
first competition series

Sunday, December 10:
first competition series

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