LeBron James broke another record of the legendary Abdul-Jabbar

LeBron James (źródło: CNN)

LeBron James has been giving us unforgettable emotions for 21 years. Despite the passage of time, James is still in great shape and breaking records. On the night from Monday to Tuesday, he broke another record of the legendary Abdul-Jabbar.

Although the match against the Philadelphia 76ers was not a success for the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James has reason to be happy. He broke another record.

The media suggests that the loss of the Los Angeles Lakers to the Philadelphia 76ers is the most painful loss for LeBron James in years. That’s probably why he couldn’t enjoy the fact that he broke another record of the legendary Abdul-Jabbar during this match. In February, the American surpassed the six-time NBA champion in the number of points scored. Abdul-Jabbar had 38,387 of them, LeBron has already scored over 39,000 of them, becoming the only player in history to exceed this limit. Now James has broken another of Abdul-Jabbar’s records. James broke Abdul-Jabbar’s record for most minutes played in the regular season and playoffs. Abdul-Jabbar played a total of 66,297 minutes and LeBron James played 66,319 minutes.

– It doesn’t mean much to me. I’d rather win the game and talk after winning, said James after the game against the Philadelphia 76ers, in which he broke the record for the number of minutes spent in the game.

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