LeBron James wants to own his own NBA team


Basketball star LeBron James reveals a dream of ownership in a team in the NBA. According to the star’s plans, it will be based in Las Vegas.

The Lakers player tells it according to NBC.

  • I want to own a team. I want a team in Vegas, says the four-time NBA champion.

According to the channel, there is talk that a team will one day come to the gambling town, and James has intentions to buy it. However, NBC reports that it is Seattle that is currently most relevant to get its own NBA team.

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In any case, James can not own a team as long as he himself plays. In May, the 37-year-old stated that he still feels fit, and that he plans to continue for a while longer.

In addition, James is open about his desire to play with his son Bronny, who turns 18 in October. He will be available for the NBA Draft in 2024.

  • My last year will be with my son. Wherever he is, I want to be there and play with him. I will do anything to play with him for a year. The money has nothing to say at that time.

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