Leeds cannot afford Championship anymore

Can't afford to play in the Championship anymore. (photo: leeds, twitter)

In these coronation times, the clubs bleed with a lack of revenue compared to high established expenses. Now came the numbers from the 2018/19 season, which did not exactly testify to sustainable operations in the Championship before the virus hit the football island.

Leeds can show a record turnover, but must realize that spending levels have risen sharply. According to Leeds-live, the operating loss was a staggering NOK 460 million, with 94% of sales going to cover salary expenses.

Most people would say madness, but to Leeds defense they are not the worst in the Championship.

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A football finance expert has set up the sad status of the 24 clubs:

Scary reading, please ask us. And when it comes to Leeds, the club can’t afford the revenue level of the Championship. Here, only promotion matters.

Go Leeds.

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