Lewis Hamilton and his double life

Lewis Hamilton (pic: motosport.com)

Lewis Hamilton is much more than a Formula 1 driver. He has been investing in other disciplines for some time. In 2022, he became the owner of shares in the Denver Broncos club belonging to the NFL. Now Hamilton wants to train with the team!

While Lewis Hamilton is not yet retiring, he is thinking about his future after retirement, hedging his way by investing in other sports. Some time ago, there was talk about his possible partnership with Serena Williams, the legend of American tennis, under which they would put out 12 million each to buy shares in the Premier League. This transaction did not go through. Hamilton bought shares in the NFL last year. The F1 driver became the owner of Denver Broncos shares.

It looks like Lewis Hamilton wants to lead a double life. The driver is still racing in Formula 1, but has made it clear that he wants to join the training of his club Denver Broncos in the NFL. Speaking to the media, he said, “I’d like to cross over and train with the Denver Broncos, now I’m part of the team, I’d like to train with the team.”

Will he be able to combine these two different worlds? We’re keeping our fingers crossed because we want to see him both in the racing car and on the NFL field.

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