Liverpool is no longer a Premier League leader

Liverpool FC Facebook

Last weekend we were witnesses of a change on the top of the Premier League table – after a few months Liverpool lost position of leader for Manchester City.

Jurgen Klopp’s proteges have been in the leading positions since the beginning of the season. In Matchweek 16 after an away win against Bournemouth and City’s loss to Chelsea, they jumped on the first place, which they haven’t given back until yesterday. Only five games later Liverpool lost their first match in the season, against ‘The Citizens’ exactly. The leaders were seven points above their rival, when Guardiola’s players had a worse pass.

However, later was the time for bad results for ‘The Reds’. They haven’t lost a goal in a month, but offensive players haven’t matched to defenders’ form. In the last six matches four of them have been drawn. Furthermore, against Leicester and West Ham after taking a lead, Liverpool lost a goal that led to a draw. Meanwhile, Manchester City lost a game on January 29th and has won every match since.

There nine games left until the end of the season. ‘The Citizens’ have one point of advantage over Liverpool and both teams have similarly hard fixtures to play. City will face Tottenham and Manchester United, and ‘The Reds’ will undertake ‘Spurs’ as well and Chelsea. Even though everything can still happen it is hard to resist to remind yourself a 2013/14 season, when Liverpool lost a chance to win a first title since 1990 at the end of the road.

[photo: Liverpool FC Facebook]

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