Match of the season in Champions League!

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There are five Champions League games left this season, but we were already witnesses of probably the most exciting 90 minutes of this tournament. At Etihad Stadium Tottenham appeared to fight for a place in semifinals. The hosts had to attempt harder, since they lost 0:1 in London.

We expected an intensive match on Wednesday, but the players creative a splendid spectacle. Sterling with an overclocked shot undid the losses from the first game in just 4 minutes. However, away team didn’t want to surrender. Just 3 minutes later Laporte gave the opponents a present with an opportunity to equalize and Son having a lot of space scored, even though Ederson was close to block the shot with his leg.

Korean netted again just a moment later, the similar way Sterling did. Walker left so much space for his rival, that he was able to aim patiently and score. What is unbelievable, equalization happened in the next minute. Aguero found Bernando Silva without cover and his shot bounced off the rival and surprised the goalkeeper.

In 21st minute it was already 3:2. De Bruyne a passed a low ball lenghtwise the goal line. None of the opponents didn’t intercept the pass, so Sterling netted from a close range.

Belgian provided another assist in the second half to Agüero, he shooted mightily from an acute angle. The 4:2 result could give an advance for Manchester City, but Tottenham didn’t want to let go. However, this time the goal was rather accidental – after a corner the ball hit Llorente’s hip and ended in the net.

If it was not enough of emotions for somebody, ‘The Citizens’ scored a goal in an injury time, that could give an advance, but it was canceled after VAR analysis, so Tottenham will play in semifinals. It would be hard to admire more thrilling match in this Champions League campaign.

[photo: Tottenham Hotspur Facebook]

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