Mats Wilander convinced Andy Murray can win Wimbledon this year

Andy Murray (PAP/PA)

Andy Murray is a living legend of British tennis, who after several years of health problems and undergoing surgery to insert a metal hip, returned to shape. Murray has already won three tournaments this year. Mats Wilander argues that Murray must be considered on the list of favorites to win this year’s Wimbledon.

Exactly 10 years ago Andy Murray won Wimbledon for the first time. He later repeated this success in 2016. Murray is the first Briton to win a British Slam since 1936. Now he is preparing to compete in Wimbledon 2023.

Andy Murray is back in top form. This year, he wins tournaments for the first time since returning from surgery to save his leg. He won three titles and is back in the top 50 of the rankings. He ranks 39th. It all leads seven-time Grand Slam winner Mats Wilander to believe Murray can win this year’s Wimbledon.

“I think Andy Murray believes he can do a great job and even win Wimbledon. Can he win it? I don’t know. He’s already won it a few times, so it’s possible,” admitted Wilander.

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